The Power of Staging
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The Power of Staging


The Power of Staging

The Power of Staging

How our complimentary and confidential staging consultation works:

  • You arrange a mutually convenient time to meet with the LFT (Linda Filby Team) staging team for a home visit.
  • Accompanied by the LFT stager/stylist, we conduct a thorough walkthrough of your home, assessing its condition.
  • Based on the observations, the team provides recommendations regarding repairs, painting, and items that should be removed from the property.
  • A detailed room-by-room checklist is created for you, offering a professional guide on how to prepare the home for sale.

What happens after you have made your edits and repairs:

  • Once you complete the suggested edits and repairs and decide to list your home with LFT, the staging team returns to execute the “install” phase.
  • During this process, we transport small furnishings and accessories from the Linda Filby Team Staging Warehouse to enhance the visual appeal of the home.
  • The duration of this installation phase varies depending on the size of the property and the project’s scope, typically lasting one to two days.

Who pays for the staging installation:

  • We do this as part of our listing services. The staging consultation and the installation expenses of small furnishings and accessories are covered by The Linda Filby Team.
  • The LFT Staging Warehouse provides sellers with complimentary access to contemporary furnishings and upscale décor, which can rejuvenate the home’s overall presentation.*
  • Upon completion of the staging process, the home is now ready to be listed for sale!

Let us help you with your staging, styling, and listing preparation!

* Rental Furniture is not included